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Be a Strategic Business Partner

Ms. Clyde Ayura, a Consultant of the HR Practice Area, conducted a talk on March 20, entitled “Be a Strategic Business Partner.” The goal of the talk was to define strategic HR, understand its true meaning and impact to the organization, articulate the importance of aligning HR strategies with business objectives, and assess the HR roles and competencies.


She defined HR Management as the process of acquiring, motivating, maintaining and developing people in their jobs. This is done in the light of their personal, professional and technical knowledge, skills, potentialities, needs and values. It is also important that these are in synchronization with organization’s philosophy, resources, and culture for the maximum achievement of individual, organization and society goals.


Clyde presented the evolving role of HR functions in organizations which started from Personnel Administration focused on administrative tasks like record-keeping and handling personnel transactions and 201 files. It progressed to Personnel Management which is targeted at formulating HR policies and procedures to ensure organization practices are aligned with the business objectives. From Personnel Management, it transformed into Human Resource Management wherein tasks are aimed at building the team, formulating salary structure, job evaluation, job description and organizational structure. Presently, HR professionals are focused on Strategic Human Management which now delves on creating initiatives to improve organization’s capability and performance.


She quoted Mr. Ernesto Espinosa, PMAP President in 2002 and People Manager of the Year in 2006, who highlighted the ways on how HR can be a strategic partner.

  1. HR goals must be aligned with business goals. It should zero in on the required competencies of the employees, and the gaps therein.
  2. HR should focus on a balanced scorecard. It should pay attention to employees’ expectations, financial and customer issues that shape the organization’s goals.     
  3.  HR should come up with cutting-edge programs. Such that influence the company’s profitability, increase productivity, improve operations and save money.
  4. HR should improve best practices. It should strive to outperform other successful companies.
  5. Lastly, HR should build their own knowledge and skills in finance and accounting.


The talk ended with this statement from Dave Ulrich, a Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at the RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. “The primary action of the Strategic Human Resource Manager is to translate business strategies into HR priorities.” When we, HR professionals start performing our role as strategic business partners, only then can we turn strategies into successful programs that improve the company’s profitability and productivity.



Reported by:

Ann-Marielle  Paraiso, Search Associate

MatchPoint HR Solutions, Inc.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary of KSearch Asia Consulting, Inc.


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