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Welcome Franchesca!!!

Chill Roque

The birth of a baby has an emotional and exciting significance for all couples, especially for the expectant mother on her first journey toward giving out a life.  What could beat the thrill, even anxiety, of such a happy and joyful event?  What could be more special than for a baby to be born into a family, especially to a young couple at that?  A warm welcome is simply not enough perhaps; warm does not quite match the intensity, the near-explosive pent-up feeling to shout to the whole world, “my baby is coming, hurray”! 


Last Friday, August 13, saw everyone in KSearch showering our very own Ms. Joy Pendos, actually Mrs. Joy Rubas now,  with a flurry of good wishes on her forthcoming delivery of her first baby, expected to happen in the next week or two.   Looking like a bundle of Joy, she evoked no sense of being uneasy or nervous, constantly managing an even temper and unguarded charm throughout as she soaked herself in those showers of good wishes from her colleagues and peers in the office.


True to the KSearch tradition, the so-called Baby Shower party for Joy was not without the usual fun time filled with competitive games and the inevitable wide variety of food spread – or it would not be a KSearch party at all.   Even an “ancient” game as Charade could be made exciting, if you let loose the KSearch teams to stage it.  The staff clamored for and was rewarded with a heavy “snack” even only after the first game.  Pizzas, pastas and puto were the ‘pavorit’ of the day, it seemed.   As for the charade, they made fun of Joy – no, I mean, they made a play on the word Joy as key to all the charade questions.  What a joyful thing to do!


More games followed.  Then the gifts for Joy and her baby came a-flowing in.  Joy was happy and we’re sure, her baby is happy, too.   We heard from the grapevine that Joy is naming her Francesca.  Well Francesca, KSearch welcomes you the world!


Congratulations, Franchesca, for being the proud baby of a bouncing Mom!  Cheers!

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