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Accept No Limits

Limitations are often perceived as restrictions that control us from doing or achieving what we want. They stop us from discovering and embracing new opportunities that would help us understand our capabilities more.


The second in KSearch’s KEP Talk Series entitled Accept No Limits was conducted on January 30 by Caryn Ingco, one of the Consultants of HR/Sales & Marketing Practice Area. The goal of the talk was to break our habit of just accepting limitations. According to her, accepting our limitations and not exerting an effort to go beyond them actually hinder us from developing and accomplishing our plans and goals.


The talk highlighted three crucial points about limitations. Caryn started her talk with the value of knowing our limits. Recognizing our limitations plays a major role in self-development and motivation since it determines what we are strong at and what we need to improve on. It is important to note though that these limitations should not, in any way, hinder us from exploring and pursuing something new. We should not surrender to these limitations so that we will not tread through life feeling insecure and afraid of failure and rejection. Instead, we should be thinking possibilities.


To emphasize this second point, Caryn quoted Arthur Clarke who said, “The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.” According to Caryn, we should not stop at just knowing our limitations. We should also break the glass ceiling that we have built out of insecurity and fear of failing. This glass ceiling only stops us from exploring other opportunities and possibilities, and maximizing our capabilities. We should instead learn to look at our limitations, not as restrictions that prohibit us from developing ourselves, but as hurdles that we should overcome. Caryn stressed that we should realize our capabilities, think of possibilities and be brave and confident to leave our comfort zones. We need to believe that although limitations are quite overwhelming, they will surely lead us to personal and career satisfaction if conquered.


Lastly, Caryn advised that we should instill in us the habit of accepting no limits. Limitations are not there to discourage us from doing what we want. On the contrary, a limitation is a driving force that motivates and pushes us to accomplish even more. When limits are recognized and accepted, we become creative and learn to find ways to be better.


In addition, we also need to release our limitations and move forward to another challenge with a smile and a hopeful heart. Every opportunity that comes our way should be faced without fear. When we continuously assert our right to be successful in our career, we consequentially widen our perspectives in life and make progress in managing our own limits. In the end, our limits become our jumping board for more successful endeavors in life.


Reported by:

Krissel Aranzamendez, Associate Consultant

MatchPoint HR Solutions, Inc.

Wholly Owned Subdiary of KSearch Asia Consulting, Inc.

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