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The (KSearch) World is a Stage and We are all Actors in It

On July 24, 2014, KSearch organized an Acting Workshop for its consultants – facilitated by Mr. Christian Valles, an award winning Playwright and Filmmaker and Acting Director Roni Balbieran.

They opened the workshop by amplifying how such activity is beneficial for KSearch Consultants' career. According to them, playing different roles is not only applicable on stage or the silver screen because life itself is a stage where people portray different roles.


The first part of the workshop was all about channelling the participants' energy which would make them feel ‘‘one with the floor’’. The participants were asked to stand with their feet apart and were encouraged to maintain the proper breathing pattern - inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. According to Mr. X, this is the logic behind the idiom “Owning the Floor/Stage”. The actor must recognize the presence of the floor and believe that it is always there to support him. Surprisingly, after the exercise, almost everyone felt more relaxed.


The next activity was designed to teach participants how to think spontaneously. It started off with the facilitators inviting two volunteers on stage to act a specific scene and then freeze in whatever pose desired. The rest of the participants had to tap one and replace him/her doing a pose that would change the scene/story entirely.


The acting workshop was a lot of fun. This activity taught the participants how to live in the moment. It made them realise that when the world throws them off guard with an unexpected or unplanned situation, they just need to let go and act on it accordingly. The speaker even said, ‘Ang unang mawalan ng kwento, Walang kwenta’. Which was undoubtedly true, I realized. 


The third and last activity was a tricky one. The participants were divided into four groups. Each group was assigned with a specific scenario. The acting part was easy, I thought. However, what made the task difficult was the line the group members had to say all throughout the acting activity. Every group was assigned a line from a song which they had to act out with total seriousness. Lines such as "Spaghetting pababa pababa ng pababa" and "Hit me Baby one more time" were examples of the lines the groups had to deliver throughout each group's 3-minute presentation. The goal of the activity was to showcase the participants' ability to play around with their vocal volume, pitch, intonation and pace in conveying a message and then acting out a story making use of one-liners only .


At the latter part of the workshop, there were a few exchanges of thoughts. The guests discussed the relation of the acting workshop with KSearch Consultants' day-to-day engagements. According to the facilitators, this activity helps them be more flexible and more confident in facing unexpected circumstances. It is important to learn how to play a role.


The facilitators also emphasized the importance of considering the interest of clients. When meeting with clients/partners, Consultants must play a role - He should engage his client in a discussion of current events and the client’s hobbies and interests even if these topics are not appealing for him. According to the facilitators, being on the same wavelength with your client would be an advantage. It was advised that the Consultants should present themselves in such a way that would live up to the image of KSearch Asia Consulting, Inc. Engaging someone in this sort of discussion will make him feel comfortable sharing ideas and stories, which will eventually lead him to slowly trust the person he is talking to. Trust, after all, is a good foundation in every relationship. This must be built with the people to create lasting relationships.


Prepared by Maria Ramona Jardin

MatchPoint HR Solutions, Inc.

Wholly Owned Subdiary of KSearch Asia Consulting, Inc.

28 July 2014


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