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KSeach Videoke Night: Unleashing the Pop Star in Us

Sharwina Gonzales

With a CEO who is a good singer himself, music and performing arts are certainly huge parts of the Life in Ksearch. It was exactly a year ago when I discovered this fact when I finally got to join one of the leading Executive Recruitment firms in the Philippines. Seldom does one find a company that gives him/her the opportunity to shine not just in the career that he/she has chosen, but at the same time be able to share the special talents and skills he/she is blessed with. After all, it is having a harmonious balance of career and passion that help make a person well-rounded.


Among the many musical extravaganzas that happened within KSearch was the Videoke Night last Friday, May 18, 2012 at the Centerstage in Jupiter St., Makati City. It was a celebration the different milestones in some of our dear colleagues’ lives. Dave Paje, who is turning 21 years old, Ms. Ross Suarez who is on her 4th year, Ms. Jennifer Alba and yours truly who are on our 1st year in KSearch. It was also a night to honor the dear “KSearch Mommies”, in celebration of Mother’s Day.


I thought I was going to miss the event as I had to attend to my classes in law school. But I can’t just miss the fun and exciting events that will happen that night. So from school, I hurried to get to Centerstage to finally be part of the party. I open the door and Caryn Ingco immediately welcomed me with so much gusto. Immediately, we started dancing to Pauline’s rendition of Shakira’s songs. It seemed like Caryn and I talked about our dance steps, but FYI, they were all impromptu. I guess both of us get each other just like that.


Pauline Dalisay was the diva of the night. She showcased her singing talent hitting high and low notes and even sounding like the original singer. Pauline comes from a family of musicians and she grew up singing and playing musical instruments. Amazing right?


Caryn and I continued to dance the night away as Ms. Karmeli sang Katy Perry and JLo songs. It was so refreshing to hear our Vice President singing! Well, we already saw her dance moves during their Cayote Ugly presentation last Christmas, and we were wowed by her flare for fashion, but this time, we saw the diva in her. We all just wonder, “What can Ms. Karmeli not do?”.


Lean Varias and Chill Roque also showed their popstar selves as they sang some of the most popular Pop songs like “Price Tag”. Our darling Mr. Leo de Ocampo also gave his rendition of the song “Just Once” and had a duet with me over Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together”.  Ruby Anne Rebucas also shared her version of TLC’s “No Scrubs”. After dancing to all the pop and dance songs Caryn and I sang the very high Aegis classics “Basang Basa sa Ulan” and “Luha”, well you know, at least we tried.


It was another memorable experience for all of us, not to mention the delicious food that was served. Thanks to our music-lover boss, MRG whom we wished was there to render us a Frank Sinatra classic. Well, there’s always a next time, especially in KSearch, there will always be a next musical extravaganza. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, “It’s more fun in KSearch”.


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