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2011: A New Beginning for KSearch

Jeric S. Sagala

The great Plato once said, The beginning is the most important part of any work, especially in the case of a young and tender thing; for that is the time at which the character is being formed and the desired impression is more readily taken."

As the year 2010 bids its farewell, 2011 rushes in. Our arms are out-stretched to welcome what promises to be a bagful of challenges and opportunities.

Every start of a new year, KSearch “breaks the ice” with a “Kick-Off” program. This year's kick-off held in early January was quite different.  We didn’t have the usual carefree, fat-burning games.  Instead, we had a more intellectual, if a bit more serious kind of activity.  It started with a motivational talk by no less than Dr. Antonio “Ton-Ton” Torralba, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Asia and the Pacific, who shared in his witty and entertaining way some food for thought about key success factors of an enterprise. Why KSearch, he wondered at the outset. Or what does the K stand for? Mr. Manny Guillermo, KSearch's President and Managing Director, quickly explained that the K stands for Knowledge, thus Knowledge Search. 

Dr. Torralba stressed the four essential points that we ought to bear in mind in the conduct of our work.  These are: Personal Integrity; Family Solidarity; Civic Responsibility; and Universal Charity.  He then cited the 10 Toughest Commandments at the Workplace we must embrace.  These are: 1. Love without measure – i.e., loving our work without any corresponding number; 2. Make life pleasant for everyone – i.e., maintaining harmony in our work environment; 3. Be truly humble in all aspects as you perform your work; 4. Be considerate of people’s preferences; 5. Embrace the different; be adaptable; 6. Be tough; 7. Be cheerful; 8. Be outstanding; 9. Take care of little things; and 10. Love God in a personal way.

Dr. Torralba concluded that there are different aspects to our lives. They include our home, work, friends, church and the state. Like a puzzle, we must learn how to connect them and evolve a certain shape that responds to our needs. We have to walk our talk, he added. ”Carpe diem; i.e., we have to seize the day and take advantage of every opportunity,he  thus ended.

After the talk, Ms. Karmeli Kintanar, Vice President & Practice Area Head for Finance, Banking, and BPO, formally opened and started the Kick Off for this year. She and the rest of the senior consultants branded it as “New Perspective for 2011.” According to her, this year has got to be different from the others (Kick Off).  “We have grown up, we are no longer babies”, she reminded us.

Mr. Guillermo then started hurling his usual balls of challenges: take more initiative, be better than what you think you are, beat the competition, be entrepreneurial, learn and keep on learning some more.  2011, he added, has got to be the year we achieve our full potentials -- what with all the track record we have gained, the strong brand that we have built, and the mature firm that we are, he stressed.

Corporate Entrepreneurship was the next topic Ms. Kintanar discussed. She stressed that this concept is a required component for the survival of the company. Corporate Entrepreneurship is not about someone’s individual agenda. It must be about the entire team moving forward, breaking new grounds, supporting each other, working together, and moving as one (no detractors, please)..

 A story about the life of Manny Pangilinan, one of the top individuals leading huge Filipino conglomerates in the country, was then shown on video with some consultants reading out this fabulous man’s story.  Mr. Pangilinan was quoted as having said “I was born poor; but poor was not born in me”, thus defining the epitome of a successful corporate entrepreneur he has become.

Ms. Ruby Barcelona, Consulting Director & Practice Area Head for ICT, HR, Sales and Marketing, discussed the one-firm approach, stressing that it is key to being more competitive through the maze of varied challenges obtaining in the marketplace.  “We are unbeatable provided we move into the marketplace as one solid firm”, she stressed.

The kick-off activity served as a special occasion for some KSearch Consultants, such as Ms. Caryn Ingco celebrating her birthday; Ms. Joy Pendos and Ms. Mia Limbo commemorating their respective anniversaries here in KSearch; and recognizing Ms. Jean Relabo and Ms. Angie Briones-Uy’s exemplary performance in 2010.

Thus, a new chapter in the “KSearch History” has begun.  2011, we are ready for you!

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