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You will be reporting directly to the Director of Events, who is currently based in Chicago. The primary role is to oversee strategic planning and events management, and improve the processes related to these.


Using resources available below are the types of projects that will be assigned to this position, in addition to frequent ad hoc responsibilities as required for the team.
1.     Strategy
o    Supports Director and contributes to the development of the department strategy, priorities, and special projects.
2.     Procedures:
o    Learn and regularly monitor Global Meetings and Events Team’s (GMET) processes and procedures and actively make suggestions on improvements or take on projects recommended by the management team.
o    Assist in reviewing or writing project-related process manuals, procedures, and FAQs as needed.
o    Proactively work with the GMET Team in analyzing processes and making recommendations on improving our processes and procedures, both conceptually and through technology.
o    Improves the structure and naming of GMET SharePoint folders.
3.     Websites
o    Develop and implement Firm Meeting website framework and documentation (seek appropriate guidance from GSM experts and lead managers).
o    Update Department site (seek appropriate guidance from GSM experts and lead managers).
4.     Reviews, analyse, and develop a comparison report outlining the differences between the below and works with the GMET teams to identify and implement projects aimed at alignment and standardization:
o    Regional meeting & event policies and procedures
o    Event planning tools, processes, and procedures.
5.     Prepares quarterly reports outlining volume and spend for events handled by GMET to be used for internal purposes, as well as promoting value to various stakeholders.
6.     Metrics & Surveys:
o    Evaluates what other teams are doing in this area and make recommendations for GMET.
o    Develops, implements, and analysis GMET’s end of event service survey.
o    Creates end of meeting surveys for Firm Meetings (Annual Meeting, regional meetings) and prepares feedback summaries and executive summary of key points.
7.     Lead project to create one consolidated and aligned Global Events Calendar. Requires working with all regional event leads to agree on scope, tool, and alignment.
8.     WorkPlace usage
9.     Take over responsibility for overseeing existing projects or supporting team leads in moving these projects forward, such as:
o    Project Plan template alignment across all events and all regions
o    Meeting Profile process improvement
o    Communication Template improvement and alignment
o    Customized Online RFP deployment for hotels
o    Firm Legacy Directory
o    Contract Clause Action Plan
o    Onboarding Process Improvement
o    Department Mission Statement, Values, Code of Conduct
10.  Responsible for Virtual Assistant Relationship, recommending delegation of additional work, and promoting value and return in investment of service.
11.  Responsible for preparing virtual Security Ready Package for each Firm Meeting.
12.  Organize Department Call and Recommend Topics & Presentations
13.  Attendance Protocol administration


•    Hours: Flexibility to adjust hours as needed when dealing with team members and individuals outside of the AP Region.

•    Project Management Skills: Highly organized with strong track record in project management; Track record in handling multiple projects and competing deadlines; Outstanding accuracy skills and strong attention to detail.

•    Work Management: Able to work independently on projects and can thrive with remote management relationships. Effective time management and prioritization skills.

•    Interpersonal & Communication Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to successfully coordinate projects with various stakeholders; Strong business communication skills (verbal and written). Ability to motivate team members and develop networks within the Firm.

•    Writing Skills: Skills in writing instructions, guidelines, and procedures. Skilled at proofreading. Effective time management and prioritization skills.

•    Technology Skills: Excellent mastery of Microsoft Office suite of products, particularly Excel and SharePoint.

•    Work Ethic: Confident, diplomatic, mature with sound judgment and a strong sense of responsibility; Ability to work under pressure and still maintain a positive attitude.

•    Global Reach: Has experience working or travel abroad. Understands how to work with various cultures and work styles.

•    Travel: May require travel outside of the country 1-3 times per year.


•    Education/Experience: College Degree (meeting planning, hotel management or marketing degree a plus); Experience working in a law firm or hotel; Experience in successfully navigating a complex law or business environment and able to move projects along or adjust to the needs of the organization or internal client

•    Event Management Experience: at least 6 years extensive strategic meeting & event management experience in a business-to-business environment; Thorough knowledge of all event management components.

•    Analytical & Problem Solving Expertise: Strong analytical and problem solving skills; Ability to analyse situations, think of the big picture, and demonstrate a pragmatic attitude towards problem solving in a timely manner; Ability to identify and manage risks; Track record in managing conflict with diplomacy and credibility

•    Budget Management Expertise: Expertise in budget and financial management; Track record in effective budget and financial management for meetings and events

•    People Management or Mentoring Experience: Experience in successfully developing, motivating and coaching a high performing team

•    Nice-to-have: Hotel background

March 22 – May 31, 2018



Southeast Asia’s fastest growing logistics company powering businesses with innovative transport solutions.


Strategic Direction
•    Build strong working relationship with Regional Management Team and  PH’s local management team.
•    Refine and execute the annual business plan and assess the company’s annual performance by end of fiscal year.
•    Together with the Country Head, develop the company’s annual business plan for the following year and present the same to the Regional Management Team for their approval.
•    Support the Country Head in reporting a complete and accurate picture of the status of PH’s performance to the Regional Management Team
•    Localize business directions from the Head Office or Regional Management Team and implement operational strategies to achieve such company goals and targets.

Operation Management
•    Direct the overall core operations of the company, including organization structure design, manpower and resource planning, process optimization, knowledge sharing, and client servicing.
•    Assess operational gaps in the organizational structure, operation systems and processes, design key changes as deemed necessary, and ensure knowledge cascade among concerned units to achieve the short term and long term business goals.
•    Regularly monitor the company’s operational performance metrics against set targets, such as SLA adherence, Reservation Timeslot Adherence, etc., and report the same to the Country Head.
•    Promote, sustain, and deepen client relationships and ensure compliance of all parties to the agreed terms of the service contract.

•    Provide solid leadership presence, strategic direction and valuable insights to the company’s Management team, especially relating to client servicing and engagement, team management, and their individual professional growth.
•    Promote inter-unit collaboration within Operation Units (Fleet, Recovery, etc.) and between Operations Units and Business Units (Sales, HR, Finance) and implement inter-unit processes that maximizes efficiency and overall service quality.
•    Promote regular knowledge sharing and skills training among members of the Operations Team
•    Set and monitor key individual performance metrics among Operation Team’s Unit Heads and assess the same at the end of the performance cycle period.
•    Work with the Human Resources Team in the development of Individual Employee Career Progression and Company Succession Programs.
•    Work closely with the Human Resources Team in the recruitment of key positions within the Operations Team.

Business Development
•    Provide high level support to the Sales and Marketing team from leads generation to client acquisition.
•    Closely work with the Sales and Marketing Team to ensure alignment between client’s demands and team’s capacity. Ensure that the operations team is fully equipped to manage and deliver clients’ targets.
•    Support organic growth anchored on the Operations Team’s consistent quality performance.
•    Develop new business streams or services in response to emerging client needs.


Technical and Soft Skills
•    In depth understanding of the logistics industry
•    In depth knowledge of e-commerce industry
•    Business acumen; Able to comprehend business analytics and financial metrics
•    Updated with tech developments
•    Proven leadership experience
•    Proven client servicing capability in the logistics industry or related service industry
•    Flexible and creative in solving problems and managing blockers

•    Values excellence, integrity, and fairness
•    Can work and effectively communicate with a team under the 20 – 40 age group
•    Can build rapport with people from a wide range of position levels among the organization (front line delivery riders to C-suite executives)

•    No gender preference
•    32 – 45 yrs old
•    Spoken and written fluency in both English and Tagalog

November 23 – May 31, 2018


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